Murray Galbraith
(Murray G)
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Murray founded Gameboyz in 1996. Murray is an avid gamer and accomplished business man. Murray provides strategic guidance and direction for Gameboyz. Murray also supplies strategic business advice and services to all the major game publishers and developers.

An avid audiophile and home theater enthusiast Murray loves to keep his reviewing hands wet in these categories.

Chris Waldron
(Chris Waldron)
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An aspiring games reviewer and journalist with a penchant for writing flash in the pan articles and reviews for obscure indie titles. Dual-wielding a blue pen in my weapon slot and a trusty notebook in the off-hand, I enjoy nothing more than gaming, writing and reading academic tomes for a history degree.

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I was born in upstate New York, and moved all over the place. My dad was in the Air Force, so I got to see the world from a very privileged perspective, as in the military would send us all over Europe and the U.S. I voluntarily spent some time in Canada, and that's where my addiction to games took off. Due to the hectic life I live (and have lived), gaming has been a nice release from stress. Favorite game? Between Final Fantasy IV and the Assassin's Creed series. Favorite part about reviewing? Knowing that my opinion is being heard/read. Happy Gaming!

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Martin, the reviewer that nobody needed but the one they deserved. Playing games since the original NES and an avid Batman fan. So much that even the terrible games will have a place in the game shelf (Batman: Dark Tomorrow) but don't get it wrong because he will never lead you to play a bad game even if it includes the Bat himself. A 2011 recruit for the Game Boyz with the hopes of helping this group reach superstar status and make all other geeks jealous.

Mathew White
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Born and raised in Victoria, Mat has been enjoying video games since he was 4. The first game he beat was Puss in Boots on the NES. He spends most of his free time either playing his favorites games or playing hockey.

Henry Braithwaite
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Former Sales Director at Concentric/XO Communications in Silicon Valley. Previously he held Business Development positions at NEC & Siemens in the public sector markets securing partnerships with companies like Cisco, IPC & Verizon. His previous management experience includes Regional Sales Manager at ADC Telecom, VP Sales at start-up Tri Tel, Regional VP at Access American and Managing Director at Centex Telemanegement. Mr. Braithwaite hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Psychology from Cal State University-Fullerton, is an avid tennis fan and sits on the board for Environmental Voices in Sacramento, CA.

Sammy Busby

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