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Rabbids Travel in Time 3D

ESRB: Everyone - E
Platform: Nintendo DS , DSI
Category: 3DS

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft


Players: 1
Playable in 2D and 3D

Ubisoft’s favorite kooky little rabbits have arrived on Nintendo’s 3DS in Rabbids Travel in Time 3D, a side-scrolling action platform game. Without having much familiarity with the franchise, I was very curious to see what these crazy little rabbits were all about; but more importantly, I was starving for a half decent 3DS game. Since the Nintendo 3DS launch, there has really only been a handful of games worth owning. One glance at the Metacritic.com average score for all the 3DS games speaks volumes about this. I chalk it up to the lack of development time with the 3DS. As a result, developers have yet to tap into the 3DS’s full potential. Unfortunately, Travel in Time doesn’t exactly max out the 3DS potential either; but it is fun and there is plenty to offer for the younger gamer.


Visually, Travel in Time is a decent looking game, but it is nothing out of this world. The 3D effects are slight, which will not strain your eyes, but it also won’t leave you awestruck either. The Rabbids do pop out of the screen in 3D, and likewise the game’s environments also come to life. It is a colourful game and the rabbids themselves are very recognizable in a cute yet ugly sort of way. The levels themselves are very basic and while the games environments come to life in 3D they do lack a significant amount of detail. Nevertheless what you do get is decent and the visuals definitely suit the game.

I do have to note that I was disappointed that Travel in Time featured only a few small cut-scenes as I just expected a little more. Considering each world has 15-levels, the game could have used some kind of story in-between some of these levels. I think kids would have gotten a kick out of some more vibrant looking cut-scenes featuring those wacky characters. Sadly, I am left with the opinion much more could have been done in that regard.


As far as the game’s sound is concerned, Travel in Time is good but certainly nothing out of this world. On a more positive note, I was amazed with how good the sound was coming out of those tiny 3DS speakers. Every little Rabbid grunt, squeak, and other bizarre noise is easily heard in the game; not to mention the music is crystal clear. The music’s content is decent enough as well, but it becomes very repetitive and is nothing we have not heard before. As with the small number of cut-scenes, I was disappointed that there was no voice work in the game; however, I understand there are some limitations to the 3DS hardware that arguably prevents the ability to include some voice work, especially this early in the handheld console’s lifecycle. Regardless, I would have liked to have heard some voice work. Finally, the in-game sound effects are solid yet nothing we have not heard before a thousand times over.


As I mentioned above, Travel in Time is a side scrolling platformer that consists of a single player campaign story mode. Unfortunately that is about it as it has no multiplayer component, no co-op modes, no puzzles, no mini-games, or anything else in the way of extra goodies. But before I get into how the game plays, let me just give you a bit of background in terms of the game’s storyline.

The Rabbids are quietly playing in a museum when suddenly a washing machine appears out of nowhere. A Rabbid emerges from the machine wearing a rubber ring in the form of a duck. All the other Rabbids start fighting trying to get a hold of the ring. In all the kafuffle, several of the Rabbids end up inside the machine and switch it back on. Unknowingly, they have set off on an extraordinary adventure back in time visiting various time zones where they will be able to change the course of history. You, playing as a Rabbid, travel across different time zones collecting rubber ducks as you try to make your way back home.

Overall, Travel in Time’s storyline is pretty weak. There is really no progression to the story and it simply isn’t well told at all. I mentioned earlier that the game features little in the way of in-between level cut-scenes and this would have been a great opportunity to tell a story. Unfortunately not much of a compelling narrative exists and the game essentially involves travelling in time from one level to the next.

Travel in Time plays out like your typical platform game where the objective is to jump, kick, and swing your way from point A to point B. The first few levels slowly introduce you to the game’s basic controls. It is simple yet very effective and it takes no time at all to learn the game’s controls. You move your hero with the circle pad or the D-pad. I preferred the D-pad, but my daughter preferred the circle pad, so it really comes down to user preference. You jump with the A button, hit with the X button. The B button is your action button as it allows you to pick up items and throw them. There really isn’t much else you need to know.

The game’s levels are somewhat short and play out in a Mario Bros-like fashion. You hop on enemies, jump on platforms, and collect coins and ducks that are positioned in mid-air. The levels take you anywhere from 3-8 minutes to finish. There are 15-levels in 4-worlds so getting through the single player campaign will take you some time. Playing through the game’s levels tended to get tedious at times and the game isn’t as challenging as it could be. For my 8-year old however, she absolutely loved the game and the difficulty was perfect for her. She was able to progress along never seeming to get stuck. With that said, Travel in Time is a game that is more geared towards the younger gamer.

In addition to the games campaign mode, Travel in Time features not much else. There is no online co-op or multiplayer modes. There is a gallery where you can view virtual 3D figurines and puzzles that you have unlocked over the course of the game. There is also a dressing room where you can outfit your Rabbid with various costumes. The more enemies you defeat the more costumes you unlock. To win special costumes you need to get through the bonus levels.


Overall, Rabbids Travel in Time 3D manages to accomplish what it sets out to do. That is to provide mindless entertainment for 3D gaming on the go. It is a simple game, fun and perfect for younger gamers, as it is easy to pick up, the controls are very basic, and progressing along the games many levels is accomplished with ease. More mature 3DS owners will likely want to pass this one up, but younger 3DS will want to give this one a go.


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