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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Platform: PS3
Category: Action/Adventure

Developers: Kojima Productions
Bluepoint Games

Publisher: Konami

Features: 5 Games in 1
Full HD: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 720i, along with standard definition.
Achievements, Trophies

HD Collections have always been an enjoyable surprise, giving players the ability to reminisce over previous releases from years' past (such as God Of War: Origins) that many have enjoyed; the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is no different. The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection comes with five unbelievable games starting with Metal Gear 1, Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, along with Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.


All five games look amazing in HDTV, with no jagged edges and barely any screen tear. Metal Gear itself looks great, just like it did when released for NES and the PS2, but it has more color and it's sharper in HDTV. A point of note — Peace Walker looked incredible when it was originally released exclusively for the PSP. But on the PS3, the small screen has been digitally enhanced to look terrific on an HDTV. All of the environments and characters have been revamped with a great amount of color, making it look like a new PS3 game.

However, the slight downside to this collection is within Peace Walker. Peace Walker has a tendency to lag at times during single player boss battles, but the lag is hardly noticeable. This is the only fault with the HD Collection's graphics. Overall, the collection itself looks great visually, and when compared to the God of War Collection, the entire MGS Collection is revamped with HD color throughout — the God of War Collection only had HD during gameplay.


All five games are as great sound wise as they are for graphics. Everything has been revamped in Dolby. The voice actors sound fantastic, with well done accents that give them solid characterization, providing a better feel to the story and lending the game a cinematic atmosphere, although it's even better than a movie. The voice acting isn't the only nice bit of audio. The sound effects are stellar as well — from the footsteps across the various terrain to the chirping birds.


If you missed out on the Metal Gear Solid games, here is a chance to catch up on the series that truly defined stealth action. In Metal Gear you are Solid Snake, who sneaks through areas trying to remain undetected. In the first two Metal Gear games the action is much more difficult but more enjoyable because of the story. However, Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker do offer up a great gameplay experience, with well-done 3d characters and environment, and 3-4 different ways of sneaking through enemy territory before facing off against boss battles, which actually challenge not only stealth, but using the environment to your advantage. The gameplay also provides you with a chance to use explosives and claymore in order to set a trap for your enemies before they realize it (for those players who like hiding and killing). And, for those Battlefield shooters who don’t like stealth, the games also provide many machine guns, pistols, and other equipment. In other words, Metal Gear Solid offers a chance for you to play the style you want, which is what makes it great.


Overall the fun found in this package should be enough to make any Ps3 or Xbox owner want to buy it. It not only comes with five titles, but each of these alone is easily worth the overall price, supplying the buyer with hundreds of hours of gameplay and a great chance to find a memorable story along with trophies adding to the fun. At $39.99 all I can say is go out and buy this collection.


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