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Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC


Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC

ESRB: Teen - T
Platform: Xbox 360
Category: 3rd Person: Action, DLC

Dr. Harleen Quinzell, known to the fandom as Harley Quinn, has at times been a strangely strong character for her distinctly weak concept, that of a psychiatrist in an unhealthy relationship that bears more resemblance to Stockholm Syndrome than True Love, but this DLC highlights one of the problems with the Arkham [Place] franchise: The game's often too quick to fit a decent characterisation in.


There are two new enemy types, and most of the enemies are reskinned thugs. There's not much new here, although one piece of the environment (A massive shrine to the Joker) is definitely an interesting set piece. The look of Robin, similarly, isn't too bad, but we've seen him in other, cheaper DLC.


VA's about what you'd expect, and there's really nothing else to say. Harley Quinn's voice actress puts across her grief as well as can be expected from the nasal bronx accent that Harley Quinn is known for, but there's really not enough to give it any meaning.


Too short for the price. For what is currently a third of the price of the game itself, or damn close to it (£6-8/$9.99), you get the equivalent of one chapter of the main story, and not a particularly engaging one at that. The encounters are either too easy for veteran Arkham fans, or, in the case of one encounter, a bit too varied to make it anything but awkward (seriously, shield thugs, armour thugs, taser thugs, about 10 or so normal thugs, and a titan thug? C'mon, that's just padding by frustration). The story, too, is brief, mildly interesting if you stop to savour it, but unfulfilling, much like a snack cake, and it highlights Quinn's worst attributes over her more interesting ones. I know that the Arkham games are almost infamous among fandom for painting Harley Quinn as a bigger ditz than she already is, but her plan (I'm really struggling with spoilers here, but suffice to say... "Let's make Batman feel what I feel") is ill thought out, often padded unnecessarily (Again, I ask: Seriously, find three thugs for such a simple password? Oy...), and over in little under an hour, with only brief mentions of Batman not dealing with the end of Arkham City very well...

In short, it doesn't add a lot to the story, and what it does add, it does so in a very rushed manner. There's also little to no reason for faffing about, which is sadly a fair portion of the fun in Arkham City, and Robin's slightly new piece of equipment, the flash-pack, just doesn't get enough time to be used properly. The bullet shield we'd already seen in a previous DLC, but I only used it when the plot needed me to, which was all of two minutes.

So, in short, for the price, this really is a bit short. It can be played separately, which is nice, and answers precisely one question of the fandom of Arkham City, but it doesn't really add anything decent, and, to me, it's the equivalent of an expensive, but not very filling takeout... you want more, but there's no more to have. What you get with the price is literally all there is, and that's very disappointing, especially considering the hype.


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