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Crysis 3 Open Beta Released Today!

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Shooter
Author: Corey Cudney

Crytek’s upcoming February release, Crysis 3, has finally opened up the beta to the public! That’s right, you finally get a sneak peek at the newest installment in the legendary Crysis series’ multiplayer. The beta was released early January 29, and was releases to the Xbox and PC. It’s also been confirmed that the PS3 will join the party a little later in the day.

Like previous games, you get the chance to dawn the Nanosuit in the multiplayer, and by earning some XP, you can further upgrade your suit as you please. In the beta, you will get to try out two new maps and two new game modes. The game modes are “Crash Site”, in which the player must capture and/or defend alien drop pods. In the next mode, being deemed “Hunter”, cloaked players will take the task of hunting down the players on the enemy teams.

Along side the new maps and modes, players will be introduced to a new social media feature, called “The New York Feed” where player’s accomplishments will be shown to everyone on their friends list also playing Crysis 3. The beta will run until February 12, at which point the servers will be shut down until the full version hits the shelves on February 19 for North Americans and the 21 for all the Europeans.


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