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Contrast Announced

Contrast Announced

Platform: Xbox 360
Category: Platformer, Puzzle
Official SiteE3 IGN Video

Looking like a Tim Burton castoff, but with interesting mechanics, Contrast "won" E3 (you know, the same way *everything* wins E3), and we can now announce that the release date... is still somewhere in Autumn. Still, as I've mentioned, it has interesting mechanics, involving the interplay of light and shadow, and a compelling, Burtonesque story where you play Dawn, the bright, Harlequinesque imaginary friend of Didi, who, naturally, is a small french girl. Essentially, you are helping her reunite her parents, and there will be... Drama.

There's also the E3 video (see the web-link at the top) and an official website, but expect the magic to happen... Er... Sometime in Autumn.


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