(PS2) LEGO Batman: The Videogame

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Computer Codes

The following codes are entered at the Batcave computer or the hacked computer in Arkham Asylum. Remember that unlocked characters are only available in Free Play mode.


ZAQ637 - Alfred Pennyworth

JKR331 - Batgirl

BDJ327 - Bruce Wayne

M1AAWW - Catwoman (classic)

HJK327 - Clown Goon

DDP967 - Commissioner Gordon

HGY748 - Fishmonger

XVK541 - Freeze Girl

NJL412 - Freeze Henchman

CCB199 - The Joker (Tropical)

UTF782 - Joker Goon

YUN924 - Joker Henchman

MVY759 - Nightwing

JCA283 - Mad Hatter

NYU942 - Man-Bat

MKL382 - Military Policeman

NKA238 - Penguin Goon

BJH782 - Penguin Henchman

KJP748 - Penguin Minion

GTB899 - Poison Ivy Goon

HKG984 - Police Marksman

JRY983 - Police Officer

HTF114 - S.W.A.T.

CRY928 - Riddler Goon

XEU824 - Riddler Henchman

NAV592 - Sailor

JFL786 - Scientist

PLB946 - Security Guard

NJL412 - Yeti

DWR243 - Zoo Sweeper


KNTT4B - Bat-Tank

LEA664 - Bruce Wayne's Private Jet

HPL826 - Catwoman's Motorcycle

DUS483 - Garbage Truck

GCH328 - Goon Helicopter

CHP735 - Harbor Helicopter

RDT637 - Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck

JUK657 - The Joker's Van

HS000W - Mad Hatter's Glider

M4DM4N - Mad Hatter's Steamboat

ICYICE - Mr. Freeze's Iceberg

BCT229 - Mr. Freeze's Kart

BTN248 - Penguin Goon Submarine

LJP234 - Police Bike

PLC999 - Police Boat

KJL832 - Police Car

CWR732 - Police Helicopter

MAC788 - Police Van

VJD328 - Police Watercraft

HAHAHA - Riddler's Jet

TTF453 - Robin's Submarine

EFE933 - Two-Face's Armored Truck


9LRGNB - Always Score Multiply

TL3EKT - Area Effect

N8JZEK - Armor Plating

XFP4E2 - Bats

RAFTU8 - Beep Beep

DY13BD - Character Studs

TQ09K3 - Decoy

GEC3MD - Disguise

EWAW7W - Extra Toggle

ML3KHP - Extra Hearts

JRBDCB - Fast Batarangs

GHJ2DY - Fast Build

RM4PR8 - Fast Grapple

ZOLM6N - Fast Walk (Magnet Suit)

EVG26J - Faster Pieces (Attract Suit)

D8NYWH - Flaming Batarangs

XPN4NG - Freeze Batarang

KLKL4G - Ice Rink

JXUDY6 - Immune to Freeze

WYD5CP - Invincibility

ZXGH9J - Minikit Detector

XWP645 - More Batarang Targets

TNTN6B - More Detonators

KHJ544 - Piece Detector

MMN786 - Power Brick Detector

HJH7HJ - Regenerate Hearts

N4NR3E - Score x2 Multiplier

CX9MAT - Score x4 Multiplier

MLVNF2 - Score x6 Multiplier

WCCDB9 - Score x8 Multiplier

18HW07 - Score x10 Multiplier

YK4TPH - Silohuettes

BBD7BY - Slam (Glide suit)

THTL4X - Sonic Pain

LK2DY4 - Stud Magnet

Unlock Hush and Ras Al Ghul

These two characters are unlocked when you beat the game with the corresponding task completed.

Unlock Hush:
Rescue ALL 25 civilians in the game. To find out which levels you still need to rescue a civilian look for the small face with either a happy or sad face indicating whether or not you still need to rescue them.

Unlock Ras Al Ghul:
This villain whose name means 'The Demon's Head' is unlocked when you have collected ALL 300 of the mini kits. There are 10 in each of the 30 levels.

Unlock Arkham

To unlock Arkham psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane. You must achieve 'True Villain' status on ALL levels in the Villain storyline by collecting enough studs to max out your stud counter on each level. To access the villains and the level go to the right of the Batcomputer and down the ramp and pull the lever. Then go through the door on the right to reach the Memorabilia room where you then climb the ladder at the top.

Unlock Wayne Manor

To unlock Wayne Manor you must achieve 'Super-Hero' status on each of the Hero missions or alternatively achieve 'Super-Villain' status on each Villain mission. To reach these levels you have to collect enough studs to max out your stud counter on each level. To access the mission go to where the vehicles are in the Batcave and then go to the far right and down to the bottom. Step on the elevator which will take you to the Memorabilia room and the Wayne Manor mission is in the upper left corner.

Unlock Azrael and Huntress

These characters become available for purchase for the indicated amount of studs at the Batcave when you have completed ALL 3 chapters in the game and viewed the end credits.

Unlock Huntress:
Complete the game and purchase for 200,000 studs.

Unlock Azrael (Angel of Death)
Complete the game and purchase for 1,500,000 studs.


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